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German RepRap Launches Compact X150 3D Printer

This second generation version is based on its successful NEO 3D printer.


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3D printing manufacturer German RepRap, Feldkirchen, Germany, has released its X150 compact 3D printer that is ideally suited for industrial use. The X150 has a fixed stable metal frame and features a compact size of 330 x 330 x 330 mm. The company claims that the new distortion free and reinforced build platform has a positive effect on the accuracy of the prints. The direct cooling by the object fan at the extruder output reduces material distortion, which considerably improves the printing of strong overhangs in particular. The material feed has also been once more considerably improved by the optimization of the extruder. Its 0.4 mm nozzle enables the production of highly detailed and precise prints up to a format of 150 x 150 x 150 mm. An additional benefit is the fact that this design eliminates the need for a heated bed for materials such as PLA. A selection of different print plates is supplied with the printer so that the right print base is provided for every situation.

The standard version of the X150 3D printer communicates with the PC via USB. The optional print box enables the X150 to be integrated in the corporate network so that printing can be controlled and activated simply with a web browser via the wireless network. The standard illuminated build envelope also simplifies the monitoring of print progress via a tablet or smartphone and webcam.

Like all 3D printers from the X model series, the X150 is a combination of open source technology and German engineering know-how. Either the free Slic3r open source software or the optional commercially available Simplify3D print software can be used.

The printers are available through its authorized channel partner in the US: 3D Chimera, Miami. Phone: 1.786.701.0700.