Get into the Zone: Business and Finance

NPE2018’s Business and Finance Zone showcases the business side of manufacturing, including representatives from insurance, publishing, monitoring technology, finance and more.


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The Business and Finance Zone is back at NPE2018 as the spot for professionals who manage the business side of the plastics industry. About the zone, Glenn Anderson, Chairman of NPE2018 and v.p., Strategic Account Development for Milacron, says, “There isn’t a lot of technology in this zone. This is a place where attendees can meet with companies that serve manufacturing in various other areas, like insurance, finance, and publishing.”

The 4,600 net ft2 exhibit space includes exhibitors from publishing, education, research, transportation, banking, software development, consulting, and more.

One exhibitor in this zone is Smart Attend, a company that produces advanced monitoring technology for manufacturing.  Notes Max Preston, director of sales and marketing at Smart Attend, “We allow companies to send information in real-time to manufacturers and to the managers and to the facilities, wherever they are, through the Smart Attend Android and iOS apps as well as the Google Chrome web access portal. So, essentially we allow people to see what their recycle times are, how many parts they’ve made, what their uptime is, what their downtime is, whether they’re on schedule or going to meet their production deadline or they’re behind schedule or if they’re ahead of schedule. All of this information is presented remotely from the machine directly to the end user through the Smart Attend app or the web access portal.”

“My audience at NPE are the average molders,” Preston says. “They’re the guys that run small- to medium-sized enterprise facilities that are going to be looking for new technology at a low acquisition cost. They’re the people wanting to join this whole Industry 4.0 without spending a million dollars trying to get there, and we can help them with that.”

Check out this zone to network with consultants, bankers, insurance companies, Smart Attend, and more.