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Got a Molding Story to Tell?

Starting Up
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Consider presenting it at the Molding 2013 Conference in January.

It might involve penetrating a new market or running a new material or process. Perhaps it has to do with lightweighting, parts consolidation, energy reduction, sustainability—but whatever the topic, you might want to consider presenting it at the Molding 2013 Conference in New Orleans next Jan. 21-23. This is a unique event, organized by a volunteer committee of all branches of the industry—molders, moldmakers, materials suppliers, and the trade press (notably Matt Naitove, executive editor of this magazine). Conference themes include energy savings, adding value, growing your business, medical molding, and emerging technologies.
Interested in presenting? Email Amos Golovoy, conference chairman, at amosgolovoy@comcast.net or call (734) 737-0507. Abstracts of proposed topics are due by Aug. 1. Learn more at executive-conference.com.


  • Cold Pressed-In Threaded Inserts: An Economical Alternative

    Cold pressed-in threaded inserts provide a sturdy and cost-effective alternative to heat staking or ultrasonically installed threaded inserts. Discover the advantages and see it in action here. (Sponsored Content)

  • How to Reduce Sinks

    Modifications to the common core pin can be a simple solution, but don’t expect all resins to behave the same. Gas assist is also worth a try.

  • How to Stop Flash

    Flashing of a part can occur for several reasons—from variations in the process or material to tooling trouble.

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