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"Green" Carbon Black Pigments from End-of-Life Tires

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The Netherlands' Black Bear Carbon has plans to build production facilities in North America next year.

A patented technology developed by Black Bear Carbon of The Netherlands facilitates the harvesting of “green” carbon black from waste tires in a way that adds upcycled value. The company prides itself in being able to produce carbon black in a clean, sustainable way, versus the typical manufacturing of carbon black which entails burning oil (“furnace process”), which emits CO2 into the environment.

A company spokesperson confirms that Black Bear is working closely with DSM, Holland Colors, Hutchinson and Michelin, all major players in plastics and rubber, to fine-tune its product range. Currently, NEPtune PM30 and NEPtune PM50 are two new ranges of carbon black pigments being offered. The company says that these circular carbon black pigments have been shown to be a one-to-one replacement of existing carbon black pigments, with the additional advantage of superior dispersion in polar and non-polar polymers.

The company is serving the North American market from its head office in the Netherlands for now, but plans are underway with a partner to construct production facilities in North America, starting in 2017, along with expanding its sales team with local representatives.

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