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Haitian Boosts Machine Assembly in Germany

Injection molding machine manufacturer Haitian International has added a second production hall in Ebermannsdorf, Germany that will double its production space.


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The 8,000-m2 (83,111-ft2) new building, with 7,500-m2 (80,730-ft2) of manufacturing space, will offer local assembly of the company’s Mars II and Jupiter II Series of servo-hydraulic machines for the European market. The expansion comes almost exactly seven years after Haitian opened the 4,300-m2 production hall for its Zhafir Venus series of all-electric molding machines on June 18, 2009 in Ebermannsdorf.

The current production capacity will cover clamping forces from 67 to 3,300 tons, while the future focus of the plant will be to accommodate the entire range of Haitian’s two-platen Jupiter II Series, from 506 to 7,427 tons.

Xiang Linfa, general manager of Haitian International Germany, told Plastics Technology that his company achieved record sales in Europe in 2015, posting double-digit growth, adding that given early results, the company is on its way to continuing this progress in 2016. The expanded European assembly operation joins facilities in Vietnam, India, and Brazil as Haitian’s other manufacturing operations outside of China.  

In addition to adding space for the assembly of larger machines, Linfa said the new hall will allow Haitian to enhance its application center, including running mold tests with complete production cells.

In terms of local spare parts, Linfa said Germany maintained an inventory of about Euro 3 million, but with the expansion, that number will jump to Euro 5 million.

“We always try to keep around 100 machines in stock,” Linfa said. “Firstly, this makes us flexible; secondly, it provides short delivery times. It also gives us the opportunity to have nearly all clamping sizes available for mold tests.”

In terms of lead times, Linfa said that once a machine arrives in Germany, the company only needs 4-8 working days to have the press ready for customer delivery. “We always have a good number of stock machines in our hall,” Linfa said. “Due to our comprehensive component and spare part stock, we are able to customize with a lot of standard options.”

According to the company’s 2015 results, when Haitian delivered more than 26,000 machines globally, Europe, along with Vietnam, Korea, India and Mexico, was listed as a region that “recorded impressive sales growth.”

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