HASCO Turn Plug Z9675/...


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This element enables ejector pins or core pins to travel literally "through" the cooling system. Until now, the position of drilled cooling channels has often been a compromise with the space needed for ejectors or core pins. Sufficient space had to be left between the drill holes and, if there was a collision, an expensive repair was needed. With the diverting element Z9675/... , the mould designer can now intentionally design for a collision of this kind and thus optimise the position of the cooling channel and the ejector, because the diverting element seals off the channel to the cavity and blocks the insert to the outside. The cooling medium can now flow around the pin. This solution is also available as a base version Z9676/... without the drilled core, if, for example, it is only a matter of sealing a collision leakage in the cooling system, or if the customer himself wants to drill the core with a different diameter. This is useful, for example, if stationary cores need to be cooled directly with this system. The base element Z9676/... can be shortened easily to achieve the desired length, and three optional position O-ring grooves have been provided to accommodate the supplied O-ring. Two small components, that creates big possibilities.