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5/9/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

IMS Company Celebrates Serving Molding Industry Since 1949

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Industrial Molding Supplies is featuring many new and expanded lines of auxiliary machinery and accessories during NPE2018 to offer injection molders products they need to improve efficiencies in the shop.

NPE2018 Exhibitor

IMS Company

Booth: W115

View Showroom


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During NPE2018, IMS Company is reminding customers that it is the oldest supply company and pioneer distributor of auxiliary equipment and accessories for injection molders. With the tagline “Helping Molders Since 1949!” the company wants customers to know that it has never wavered from its original mission. “Choosing IMS Company to do business with is like choosing a molding partner that you can rely on; a partner that will be there for you when you need us most,” Steve Martini, IMS marketing communications manager, says.

Located in Booth W115, IMS is showcasing its complete line of mold release and mold care products, high-quality injection molding machine components and its own brand of material loaders, Martini says.

Brand new and on display is IMS’s Hoist Ring Rack. The mobile cart makes transporting and organizing common tool shop items like hoist rings, eye bolts, mold clamps, mold hammers, bolts and washers, etc., much more efficient. Also brand new are two low-toxicity mold cleaners. LT-65 satisfies California’s Prop-65 declaration, and C-Foam is a citrus-based, drip-resistant, biodegradable foaming cleaner.

IMS has increased its booth size this year to accommodate the growing number of products it is displaying and encourages customers to take advantage of demonstrations of its spiral curve hopper, new model of horizontal-to-incline conveyor, material loaders, and corner drum tumbler, to name a few. Martini says NPE2018 attendees will be sold on IMS’s plastic-cutting gate cutters and trimmers when they use and test them in the booth. “We have added 12 new Super Gate Cutter styles to our already extensive line,” he says. New styles include multiple new head angles, specialized head shapes, ergonomic left-hand and right-hand grips and additional handle lengths. All 44 styles in this line feature handles with IMS’s patented “Ease-of-Squeeze” bend, which the company says minimizes operator fatigue. Try them on the newly upgraded, heavy-duty IMS Res-Q Station Work Table, which will also be on display.

Throughout the week, IMS is giving out a few product samples like grease, gauges and hand-tools, as well as other fun items like shirts, hats, pens, screwdrivers, magnets and more. As always, IMS also has plenty of its signature yellow, logo “stress-ball” ducks on hand.

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