Injection Presses for Giant Pipe Fittings Coming to U.S.

2200-ton press molds parts up to 220 lb.


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Visitors to the K 2016 show this month can get a look at the sort of specialized machines that Ettlinger North America, Tyrone, Ga., plans to market in the U.S. In particular, the company aims to introduce high-tonnage injection machines with large shot capacities to mold parts such as extra-large pipe fittings of HDPE or PP. Common in Europe, but just getting started here, these fittings can have walls up to 60 mm (2.34 in.) thick and weigh up to 100 kg (220 lb). The “Tee” shown here measures 35.1 in. tall × 19.5 in. diam.

Ettlinger Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH in Germany specializes in high-tonnage machines for ultra-large shot weights and long cycles to mold products such as pallets and manholes, as well as fittings (see last month’s Starting Up). These presses have two-stage injection with a fixed screw and plunger. Because of the long cooling cycles, a relatively small screw suffices—just 70 mm diam. for a 2200-ton press to mold large fittings—thereby using 50% less energy than a standard press, according to Mike Diletti of Ettlinger NA. Another energy-saving feature is switching the hydraulic pump to standby during the cooling phase and soft-starting it again when it’s time to open the mold. These srm-series presses also have compact two-platen clamps with no tiebars and opening stroke up to 3200 mm (125 in.). If parts such as pallets are molded using recycled resin, the machine can be equipped with Ettlinger’s ERF series continuous melt filter.