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K 2010 Preview, Additives A Mix of New Ingredients at K Show


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Want your plastic to mold faster, tougher, clearer? Want it more colorful, lighter in weight, or more resistant to heat and light? New solutions to all these needs will be presented at the K 2010 show this month in Dusseldorf, Germany.



A broad range of PVC additives will debut at K. Arkema, for instance, will show off new Durastrength 365 impact modifier for window profiles that boasts “unmatched cost efficiency,” according to the company (, U.S. office in Philadelphia). This grade combines mineral additives with an acrylic polymer having a high elastomer content. Excellent processability is said to result.

Lanxess (, U.S. office in Pittsburgh) is bringing two new products for vinyls. Disflamoll TP LXS 51036 is an odor-neutral flame retardant for artificial leather. This formulated phosphate ester has plasticizing properties, which add flexibility and elasticity without affecting the “leather” odor. The new product also gels quickly, helping to speed production.

Also new is Lanxess’ Mesamoll TP LXS 51067, a non-phthalate plasticizer based on an alkylsulfonic phenyl ester mixed with another plasticizer. It’s a fast-solvating alternative to DBP and BBP for floor and wall coverings. It is also approved for food contact.

ColorMatrix Corp., Berea, Ohio (, is highlighting new Excelite liquid blowing agent for PVC sheet. It’s said to promote better cell structure, lower densities, and better print definition.

Several new products will be introduced by Galata Chemicals, Southbury, Conn. (, the former vinyl additives division of Chemtura. These will include boosters to enhance cost-performance of heat stabilizers; new octyltin stabilizers to replace butyltins; high-performance, heavy-metal-free organic stabilizers for flexibles; REACh-friendly liquid mixed-metal stabilizers for flexibles and semi-rigids; a new high-performance epoxy soybean oil; and new impact modifiers for PVC and engineering resins.



Speaking of impact modifiers, Lanxess has a new ethylene-propylene rubber (EPM). Buna EP XT 27-8 VP consists of Buna EP G 2070 grafted with 0.8% maleic anhydride via reactive extrusion to provide good compatibility with engineering thermoplastics like nylons and PBT, as well as the wood in wood/plastic composites. It reportedly confers especially good low-temperature toughness. Since this EPM is a high-ethylene (73%) grade, Lanxess is also testing grades with lower ethylene content.

In stabilizers, BASF ( U.S. office in Florham Park, N.J.)has new Tinuvin XT 200, an economical UV stabilizer said to extend the life of LDPE greenhouse films, even when exposed to severe concentrations of agricultural chemicals such as elemental sulfur. Service life of stabilized films is said to be two years or more. Tinuvin XT 200 fills a gap between the lower-performing Tinuvin 494 and more costly high-performance Tinuvin NOR 371.

For rotomolding large polyethylene parts, BASF offers new Irgastab RM 68, an additive system containing a light stabilizer that meets the UV8 weathering standard. It also contains heat stabilizers to reduce discoloration during processing and improve color fastness on exposure to nitrogen oxide. Most important, however, is the product’s function as a processing aid to promote melting for shorter molding cycles at lower oven temperatures. This broadens the process window and reduces degradation of the resin and other additives during processing. Tests show RM 68 can save several minutes in mold cycles and cut energy use by up to 16%. It also has FDA food-contact approval in PE.

In antioxidants, Chemtura ( is coming to the show with new versions of Weston 705 nonylphenol-free liquid phosphate and new liquid phenolics and blends.



Milliken Chemical, Spartanburg, S.C. ( introduced Millad NX8000 polypropylene clarifier at K 2007. Since then, the firm has learned that it does some other things besides boost clarity and gloss. It frequently shortens cycle times by up to 15% and allows injection molding temperatures to be dropped 40° to 60° C (72° to 108° F), reducing energy use by 15% to 20%. In addition, Milliken will bring out a new version, Millad NX8500E, aimed specifically at extrusion blow molded bottles.

ColorMatrix has two new additives to improve appearance of PET bottles. One is Optica organic resin toners, which provide color control and haze reduction, as well as improved processing. New grades of Joule RHB reheat agents speed reheat cycles by improving IR absorption. They also provide some color toning and enhance clarity, even with recycled resin.

Two new pigments to be featured at K include Lanxess' Macrolex Red A, a soluble organic dye for amorphous and crystalline engineering thermoplastics. An alternative to chlorine-containing Solvent Red 135, it has 3.5X higher tint strength, high heat and light stability, and good weatherability. It is also halogen-free, which is desired by some automotive and food-packaging OEMs. Also, its improved solubility allows higher concentration in masterbatches.

Rockwood Pigments, Inc., Beltsville, Md. (, will show new Solaplex Bright Orange (34H1004), a red-shade mixed-metal oxide. Like other Solaplex yellow and orange inorganic pigments, it offers an environmentally acceptable alternative to cadmium or chromium, very bright and clean color, and excellent resistance to heat, light, weather, and chemicals. It is also less abrasive than titanates and is not detrimental to flow at high pigment loadings.