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12/21/2010 | 2 MINUTE READ

K 2010 Preview, Thermoforming Productivity Enhancements Reign

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At K 2010, thermoformers will be greeted by numerous advances in inline machines for packaging.

At K 2010, thermoformers will be greeted by numerous advances in inline machines for packaging. These include new systems that stretch laminated foils biaxially, new controls for high-output pressure formers, and advances in tilt-mold machines. There will also be a new inline machine for industrial parts.



Gabler Thermoform (gabler-thermoform.com), will show a new model in its M-series of tilt-mold machines and upgrades to other models in the line. A new M60 tilt machine with a forming area of 500 × 320 mm will be presented. In addition, the M98 unit (800 × 550 mm) now incorporates an extremely stable forming station design, which allows use of multi-row tools with up to 70 cavities. This allows outputs above 120,000 PP cups/hr.

The company will also announce new capabilities for other models, such as a newly designed drive system for the M92, the ability of the M72 unit to use tools with up to three rows, a broader forming area for the M92 X, and a longer heater to speed cycles on the M92 L unit.

Gabler will also discuss its Focus series of machines, designed for cost-effective production of bowls and lids in PP and APET. The line incorporates servo drives and new controls that optimize all motion sequences to deliver high outputs and production flexibility. And Gabler has partnered with Lyle Industries (lyleindustries.com) to develop a new thermoformer and a film lattice regrinding mill that will be launched at the K show.

Illig (illig.de) will show new controls for its RDK inline cut-in-place pressure formers, and improvements to its RDM-K cup formers. Its large RDK 90 will feature the company’s new ThermoLine Control that provides central control and operation of all devices in a production line, from sheet roll stand through downstream cooling devices. The control also speeds tool changes and setup.

New developments for the RDM-K series include tooling that operates with up to 75% less forming air per cavity and new dynamic forming-pressure buildup, which is said to increase cycle speed by at least 30%. Illig says processors will achieve uniformity of cup geometry from cavity to cavity not possible previously, as well as weight reduction and material savings up to 10%.

Illig also developed a new stacker that swivels 180° to allow cups to cool down for an additional cycle to ensure gentler stacking. The stacker is designed for up to 45 cycles/min.

Kiefel GmbH (kiefel.de) will show a new “wear-free” automated stacker for cups and other components on tilt-mold machines.



Kiefel also will introduce a new inline vacuum former that delivers up to 15% material savings to thermoformers of laminated automotive door linings by biaxially stretching the material. This stretching reportedly also increases product surface-structure uniformity. The lengthwise stretching is done with a two-part chain-guide system. The second chain drive is incorporated into the inline machine, designed with a two-way rotating bottom platen and four-way rotating top platen.


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