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KraussMaffei and Roctool Sign Global Collaboration Agreement

KraussMaffei joins with Roctool to promote hot/cold molding technology with rapid induction heating to achieve smooth surfaces, superior mold replication.


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KraussMaffei Corp., Injection Molding Technology of Germany (U.S. office in Florence, Ky.) and RocTool Inc. S.A. of France (U.S. office  in Charlotte, N.C.) are intensifying their cooperation in global marketing of Roctool’s inductive mold-heating technology, HD Plastics. HD (High-Definition) Plastics is a rapid heat/cool (“variotherm”) process utilizing induction mold heating ( It is said to offer extremely fine mold-surface reproduction that eliminates the need for in-mold films or painting. It also smooths surfaces of foamed parts, eliminates weld lines, and facilitates long flow lengths in thin-wall parts.

This Global Collaboration Agreement enables KM to offer real-time synchronization of data between RocTool equipment and all its presses. This capability is offered as an option within KM’s Dynamic Mold Heating (DMH) technology for rapid heat/cool molding. KM can also offer a turnkey package including Roctool induction heating hardware.


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