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Learn About Tools & Strategies for Molding Productivity & Competitiveness

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The Molding 2013 Conference next Jan. 21-23 in New Orleans will present a wealth of first-hand testimony from injection molders about proven ways to add value, cut costs, grow your business, and profit from sustainable manufacturing. At least a dozen of the 34 papers to be presented will be from molders themselves. The others will be from suppliers of machinery and materials on topics like medical molding, “lean” automation, two-shot LSR molding, and emerging technologies like in-situ polymerization, powdered metal and ceramic molding, and “hybrid” overmolded composites.

What makes the Molding Conference timely and relevant to injection molders is that its program was formulated by a volunteer committee of molders, moldmakers, suppliers of machinery and materials, and one trade press representative (from this magazine). For more details about the program, visit www.executiveconference.com/conferences/mold13.php.