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10/20/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

Maag Buys Gala

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Both companies project 'perfect fit.' Each make underwater pelletizers and centrifugal dryers.

Switzerland-based Maag (U.S. operation Charlotte, N.C.), a worldwide leading manufacturer of gear pumps, pelletizing systems, and filtration systems for plastics and other industries, has agreed to acquire Gala Industries Inc., Eagle Rock, Va. Founded in 1959, Gala is a leading manufacturer of underwater pelletizing systems, centrifugal pellet dryers and process solutions for the plastics industry. Financial terms were not disclosed.

In a prepared release, the companies said the addition of Gala’s innovative products will further enhance Maag’s strong position in underwater pelletizers and centrifugal dryers and globally position the combined company as a leading provider of equipment for the polymer and compounding industry.  Both companies will go to the  market under their existing brand names, which include Maag Pump Systems, Automatik Pelletizing Systems and Gala Industries.  The combined business will be headed by Ueli Thuerig, President of Maag.

“It is exciting to consider the breadth of customer solutions that will result from leveraging the products and strengths of Maag and Gala,” explains Thuerig. “Optimal market coverage will be provided with customer specific solutions, quick service and focused engineering.”

Adds David E. Bryan, CEO of Gala, “Maag and Gala fit perfectly together. This is a unique opportunity to expand our suite of services, create enhanced professional opportunities and increase our geographic reach which will further enhance our profitability.”

In the coming weeks, Maag and Gala will be focused  on  integrating their teams, to better serve their customers through vertically integrated product offerings and services.

Maag manufactures in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, U.S., and China, with additional sales offices in France, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, India and Brazil. Gala manufactures in the U.S. and Germany, with a sales office in Thailand. The combined business of Maag and Gala will have a strong presence around the globe, according to the release.


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