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5/29/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

Solvay And e-Xstream to Speed Up Metal-To-Plastic Substitution For Car Makers

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The MMI Technyl Design, an advanced simulation service for automotive OEMs jointly created by Solvay and e-Xstream, is said to accurately predict the performance of injection-molded parts, which when replacing metals, ultimately contributes to reduction of weight and part production costs.

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The recently-announced partnership between Solvay Engineering Plastics (U.S. office in Alpharetta, Ga.) and e-Xstream, Plymouth, Mich., aims to “open source” MMI Technyl Design—an advanced simulation service that offers automotive OEMs and other industry players a tool to meet the challenges of light-weighting.  It is said to create value throughout the design process by accurately predicting the performance of injection-molded parts, which when replacing metals, ultimately contributes to weight reduction and part production costs.

MMI (Multi-Scale Modeling, Mechanical Calculation, Injection Molding Simulation) Technyl (Solvay’s brand of nylon-based engineering plastics) is powered by e-Xstream’s Digimat software. Further clarifying this advanced material modelling platform developed and supported by e-Xstream,  a Solvay source says, that “open sourcing” means that the Digimat software sold to automotive OEMs will ship with a full set of encrypted material data already included and ready to use, so it is the data that is “open source”.  The platform allies Solvay’s extremely comprehensive encrypted database exceeding 7600 files with e-Xstream’s Digimat software which allows for a wide range of calculations when integrated with injection molding process modeling.

Historically, Digimat customers have had to make a separate request to Solvay to get this material database to use with the software. Access to the data was controlled and typically required  a confidential disclosure agreement. According to the Solvay source, the MMI Technyl Design platform enables part designers to significantly improve the accuracy of their design simulation. This means either than a nylon can be used to replace metal with greater confidence or that existing designs in nylon can be optimized. Examples of new applications include engine support mounts or torque restrictors. For redesign of an existing part, reductions in material usage of 10-20% are typically possible.

Digimat is optimized to work with the following injection molding software: 3DTimon, Moldex3D, Moldflow, REM3D, and SigmaSoft. Solvay Engineering Plastics uses Moldflow and REM3D. 

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