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Swedish Compounder Now Here

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Polykemi is extending its reach with its custom thermoplastic compounds to North America through its partnership with Omni.

Sweden’s Polykemi AB, a family-owned compounder of a broad range of thermoplastic compounds with a strong presence in Europe and Asia, is now offering its products here through a cooperative partnership with compounder Omni Plastics, Evansville, Indiana. According to Polykemi’s CEO Ola Hugosson, through the partners’ carefully structured agreement, Omni will manufacture Polykemi’s compounds based on their original formulations and quality specifications.

Polykemi’s portfolio includes nearly every thermoplastic with the exception of PVC. Initially, Omni will manufacture Polykemi’s Scancomp PP HC, a family of PP-based compounds that combine high crystallinity with state-of-the-art glass fiber reinforcements and coupling agents which are targeted to replace 30% glass-reinforced nylon 6 and PBT. Omni will also make Scancomp PP HBK, a high-gloss, UV-stabilized family of PP compounds which are targeted to replace ABS. A new website has been created for North America. For further details, contact area manager Johan Hugoson at johan.hugoson@polykemiinc.com.