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3/3/2008 | 1 MINUTE READ

METROnet light bus - the Modern BUS Technology Conveying Control

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'METROnet light bus' from Motan is a compact and efficient convey control featuring above all scalability, flexibility and low maintenance costs.

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'METROnet light bus' from Motan is a compact and efficient convey control featuring above all scalability, flexibility and low maintenance costs. The basic unit with an installation size of 260x210x95mm is operated via the full colour easy-to-use graphic touch-screen, whereas system components like hopper loaders, blowers, purge valves, etc. are embedded via decentralised I/O modules on a bus cable. The expansion is done exactly according to the number of required components in the conveying system. The standard METROnet light bus supports control functions for up to 32 loaders, 3 line blowers + 1 standby blower and 32 conveying line purge points. Not only can considerable costs be saved due to the efficient control design and fast-and-easy installation and commissioning, but also to significantly reduced cable requirements, and no need for expensive cable tray. Ideally, the bus cable follows the vacuum line of the conveying system and is simply fixed to it with a specially designed Motan clip. A simple holder enables the assembly of the I/O modules to the already existing wall and ceiling holders of the vacuum line. Without any further programming the control can easily be expanded to specific customer requirements. When a new component is added, the bus cable must be extended with an I/O module, and the software only needs to be adjusted through a simple configuration process. So, METROnet light bus provides flexibility to grow with existing production equipment - no need for pre-planning. Via Ethernet, the METROnet light bus control can communicate and be networked with all Motan controls of the CONTROLnet family to an automation network enabling in particular the use of common system components like blowers or suction boxes through Inter-Process-Communication. The full colour easy-to-use graphic touch-screen eases operation considerably, and using the Motan operating panels (WEBpanel), decentralised operation is possible, from any connection point in the network. The modular system allows for significant reductions in installation times/installation costs and trouble-free upgrading. The almost unlimited number of combination possibilities makes METROnet light bus the ultimate tool kit for complex plant conveying systems, and in connection with reduced installation expenses through bus technology,the most profitable solution in its range.