Milacron Buys Kortec Coinjection Technology

Kortec plus Mold-Masters equals a powerhouse in coinjection.

One year after its purchase of Mold-Masters, Milacron LLC, Cincinnati, has acquired coinjection innovator Kortec Inc., Rowley, Mass. The move combines Kortec’s technology for injecting multi-layer barrier containers with similar capabilities in Mold-Masters’ IRIS barrier technology. At the recent K 2013 show, Kortec introduced coinjection technology for light-barrier preforms for milk and other dairy products (photo; see Dec. ’13 Close Up).

Milacron sources say coinjected barrier technology has potential beyond packaging—in medical applications such as blood tubes. And its ability to sandwich filled or regrind layers to reduce material cost between aesthetic unfilled skins also has potential in consumer products and automotive.

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