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6/17/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

Milacron Offers New Aftermarket Service Package

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Bundling online apps for spare parts, maintenance, and remote monitoring for injection and blow molding machines and extruders.

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Improved maintenance and operation of processing machinery is facilitated by the latest enhancements to the PART-nership program that was launched one year ago by Milacron Aftermarket, Batavia, Ohio. This full lifecycle management program—from machine installation to retirement—now bundles three new technology tools: the Interactive Parts Catalog, Interactive Technical Manual, and Remote Monitoring Services. Most customers in the PARTnership program will receive a portion of the technology suite—and possibly all three—free with new machines.

The Interactive Parts Catalog, introduced at the K 2013 show in Dusseldorf, is available free with new Milacron injection presses and extruders and Uniloy blow molding machines. It is also available for models up to around 20 years old. Says Milacron Aftermarket president Dean Roberts, “This is a step up from e-commerce for spare parts. It ties directly into the bill of materials for the customer’s specific machine, identified by serial number.” The catalog is searchable by serial number, part number, or description. It includes 3D renderings, 2D “hot-spotted” diagrams, and audio and video files. Roberts says over 1000 customers are now using this service.

Remote Monitoring Services, also introduced at K 2013 for Milacron’s entire machine fleet, is also free with some new machines. It is a suite of online and smartphone applications that provide real-time machine data and advanced analytics to optimize machine output. Using the online machine portal, engineers can access machine production speed, downtime, and over 120 key performance indicators from any location. Likewise, Milacron technicians can connect to the machine for remote diagnostics and software updates.

The Interactive Technical Manual (ITM) was introduced at NPE 2012 in Orlando, Fla. It is currently available as a standard included option on Magna T Servo toggle presses and Maxima Servo hydraulic machines. It is available as an option on other machines and may be available in the future for extruders and blow molding machines, Roberts says. Using a laptop or tablet, customers can get immediate access to graphical representations of the machines’ functions, flow diagrams for troubleshooting, and recommendations for resolving various issues. Over 180 customers are using the ITM.