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Milacron to Show Wide Range of New Technologies at K 2016 Milacron

New developments in injection and blow molding, extrusion, hot runners, and tooling will be featured.


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Milacron Holdings Corp., Cincinnati, will present news in every facet of its broad technology portfolio at next month’s show in Dusseldorf:

Injection molding: One highlight will be coinjection molding of the three-layer barrier, retortable Klear Can, for which the first commercial production system has been sold and products are expected to hit grocery-store shelves in the first quarter of 2017 (see accompanying Starting Up story). The cans will be molded on a Ferromatik 280 press with integrated Mold-Masters iM2 48-zone hot-runner controller and in-mold labeling technology from CBW Automation, Ft. Collins, Colo.

Also, as reported in this month’s Keeping Up section, Milacron will mold two-layer foam/solid PET preforms that produce a pearlescent finish in stretch-blown bottles (also shown at NPE2015 in Orlando, Fla.—see Mar. ’15 story). Preforms will be molded in four cavities on a Milacron fast-cycle K-Tec machine (pictured) with MuCell foaming technology from Trexel, Wilmington, Mass., and a rotating cube mold from FOBOHA (U.S. office in Beverly, Mass.).

In addition, Milacron will debut a new linear robot in standard and “performance” versions, and will show for the first time in Europe its M-PET PET preform molding system in 72 cavities, introduced at NPE2015 (see June ’15 report).

• Extrusion: A new SV250 single-screw extruder will debut at K. It’s a stock machine, available for quick delivery in 2 to 4.5 in. diam. with 24:1 L/D. It’s aimed at tubing, profiles, sheet, fiber, and wire/cable.

• Blow molding: A new-generation M-Series Uniloy all-electric shuttle machine with simplified, modular design will debut. Built in a brand-new plant in the Czech Republic, the M-Series is cleanroom-friendly and suited to parts from 100 ml up to 20 L.

• Hot runners: The newest development here is Mold-Masters’ configurable Velocity LS (Light Speed) system with one to eight drops using Master-Series nozzles. As the name suggests, it’s designed for faster delivery and greater value. Customers now have the convenience of building, pricing, and generating 3D drawings and quotes immediately online using the hot-runner configuration system in the new Milacron e-Store (see August Starting Up).

In addition, Mold-Masters’ Fusion G2 nozzle offers new enhanced features, such as a compound nozzle that can avoid interference with cooling lines, valve-pin opening speed control and position monitoring, and optional extra-extended gate seals. Brand-new models on display will include high-performance, water-cooled gate inserts and new gating methods tailored to specific resins.

Also to be shown are the Summit Series (photo) introduced at NPE2015 (see July ’15 feature); the new Dura+ system for automotive lighting, shown at Fakuma 2015 (see Jan. ’16 Close Up); and the Mold-Masters’ TempMaster control with Adaptive Process Control (APS) software (see Oct. ’15 Keeping Up and Jan. ’16 Fakuma report).

• Tooling: The latest from DME includes new Master Unit Die (MUD) aluminum quick-change insert molds and precision large mold bases (with plate lengths up to 1.5 x 2.3 m) from recently acquired Tirad in the Czech Republic.