More Productivity, Connectivity from the Same Footprint

Maguire’s NPE2018 booth mixes new and old products, and some old products with new features.


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Collecting and sharing data are an integral part of Industry 4.0 connectivity and Maguire Products Inc. (Booth W5747) will showcase an energy-monitoring capability on the newest member of VBD line of vacuum resin dryers. The VBD-600 intermediate-range model has 600 pounds (275 kg) per hour of drying capacity, and it joins the VBD 150, VBD 300 and VBD 1000. The energy-monitoring capability will be displayed on a new touch-screen controller.

Maguire is also introducing a compact system that combines loading, dosing, mixing, and dispensing. The Micro Tower mixes up to three materials—such as virgin resin, regrind, and masterbatch—in 10-lb (4.5-kg) batches. Throughputs range up to 100 lb/hr (45 kg/hr) for the compact tower, which mounts at the throat of the processing machine, with no floor space required for a vacuum pump. The loader and hoppers operate on a loss-in-weight basis under simultaneous direction by the controller for greater accuracy.

In addition to those products, Frank Kavanagh, v.p. sales, says the company’s line of weigh scale blenders, gravimetric feeders, vacuum dryers and gaylord sweepers are on hand. In terms of running equipment, visitors can check out the WXB gravimetric extrusion blender with a loss-in-weight mix chamber. Running in demo mode, the WXB is simulating a 3-layer blown film line. Kavanagh says this display also highlights Maguire’s LineMaster extrusion control system, and the Maguire + Syncro line of downstream extrusion products. These include an air ring, IBC control, bubble control, gauging control and measurement.

Also in operation is the FlexBus materials handling system, including the FlexBus Lite, an embedded control in the 4088 controller that can integrate with Maguire receivers like the GHR and LowPro, as well as third-party lines. A gaylord sweeper system through the new MMX material transfer manifold system is in the booth, as is an MGF gravimetric color feeder running in demo mode to display a patented 100% color dispense feature. Finally a LowPro vacuum receiver is displayed. Maguire products will also be running in the booths of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag, Maruka USA, Yizumi HPM, Magic MP, and the Syncro Group.