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Moretto Moves from Ohio to Pennsylvania, Doubling Its Space

Italian auxiliary equipment manufacturer Moretto has moved its U.S. headquarters from Columbus, Oh. to outside Pittsburgh into facility that doubles its total space.


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Moretto, headquartered in Massanzago, Italy, opened a 15,000-ft2 U.S. subsidiary in 2015 in Ohio. Three years on after its says sales grew 10 fold, it has moved into a 30,000-ft2 in site in Jackson Center, Penn., approximately 65 miles due north of Pittsburgh in western Pennsylvania.

At present, Moretto has nine U.S. employees, but it expects that number to rise to 15 by the end of the year. The new facility will house sales offices, products and spare parts inventory, an assembly area and a showroom.

To given an idea of the company’s growth, Gene Flockerzi, North American general manager for Moretto, said that in terms of stock on hand, Moretto currently has around $8 million in parts and equipment inventory, compared to $1 million at the start of 2017. 

According to Moretto, the U.S. subsidiary has helped the company win contracts with leading companies in the PET, medical and automotive sectors. Moretto will mark the establishment of the new site with an Open House in the fall. Outside the U.S. and Italy, Moretto has sales offices in Germany, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Brazil, Russia, India, and China, with a presence in 57 countries worldwide.


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