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NDC Moving HQ to Ohio

California location to become the web process solutions tech center.


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NDC Technologies, which makes precision measurement and process control solutions for film, sheet, pipe, profile and tubing extrusion, has announced that it will be consolidating its Irwindale, Calif. production and administration functions into its facility in Dayton, Ohio, which will subsequently become the company's new headquarters. The firm said in a release that the facility in Irwindale will  be upgraded and become its Web Process Solutions Technical Center of Excellence.

Dayton has been the long-time home of Beta Laser Mike, which supplies measurement technology for pipe and profile extrusion.  In 2014, Beta LaserMike merged with NDC Infrared Engineering to form NDC Technologies. 

The move is part of an on-going strategy to drive simplification in business processes to become more agile, further improve global execution and place even greater focus on serving customers and developing new products to satisfy their ever-evolving needs, NDC said in a release. The company’s advanced manufacturing program will continue in partnership with key global suppliers to maintain maximum business flexibility, while focusing on key technologies to drive the company’s future. The R&D team will continue to focus on the development of new sensor technology and advanced software for control and analytics aimed at the extrusion and converting industries.

“We are rolling out a phased plan to ease the transition and to ensure continuity of good customer service,” said Dave Roland, president of NDC Technologies. “We are focused on the long-term future of NDC and are taking strategic actions now to further improve the company’s overall operations and enhance our competitive position for future growth. It is important we stay aligned with our customers who rely on NDC’s products and services. A large investment will also be made at the Dayton facility to accommodate the increased operation size and to handle advanced sensor build capability being put in place.”