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9/14/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

New Extruder Builder Has Familiar Names

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Start-up machine builder, headed by extrusion veteran Kramer, to furnish extruders from 1-8 in dia. 

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Make way for a new supplier of custom extruders. US Extruders Inc.. started up last month in Westerly, R.I., with the goal of developing a new generation of highly engineered, custom-built single-screw extruders. The new machine builder brings with it a couple of well-known names.

The company will be headed by Bill Kramer, president, who worked for years at Davis-Standard and was part of the group that launched American Kuhne, now part of Graham Engineering. Other members of U.S. Extruders include Dan Schilke, who will head up operations; Kevin Slusarz, a well-known screw designer and process engineer; Jeff Lawton, a long-time extrusion engineer; and Doug Johnson, who will head up sales.

“Our team realized that with our talent, building a new extrusion company was viable and would fill a demand in the marketplace,” Kramer states. “We won’t just be selling machines; we’ll be making lasting relationships with our customers and solving their extrusion needs with integrity and quality ‘Made in America’ machinery.”

U.S. Extruders says it will design robust, serviceable machines with high-performance screws customized for the product’s requirements. The company is establishing a customer-support structure, extruder repair and restoration services, and a manufacturing and laboratory facility. The lab will be equipped for screw-design demonstrations, lab trials, and complete extruder wet tests. The company will employ a straightforward order process from the initial specifications/needs-analysis meeting through design engineering and manufacturing to the final on-time delivery and process support.

U.S. Extruder’s total guarantee includes a five-year warranty of a machine built to customer’s specifications, delivered on time, meeting performance specifications, supported by comprehensive service, free startup and training, and lifetime process support.
The machines will be designed for blow molding, blown/cast film, compounding, coating, fiber, medical and other tubing, pipe and profile, reclaim, sheet, and wire and cable. Machine sizes will range from 1 to 8 in. diam. Shown is a 2.5-in. model.



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