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8/7/2009 | 1 MINUTE READ

New-Generation Welder Answers User Requests

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Customers requested enhanced process control, faster tool changes and setup, and increased speed and efficiency of the welding process.

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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Customers requested enhanced process control, faster tool changes and setup, and increased speed and efficiency of the welding process. Based on those needs, Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc., Bartlett, Ill., developed the new “HiQ evolution” ultrasonic welding system, described as “a new machine concept that differs from current weld systems in many ways.”             Time and energy savings are said to be provided by the freely programmable effective stroke. This new feature is said to allow for optimized sonotrode motion. After weld completion, the sonotrode retracts just enough for part removal and loading of new parts. The complete stroke is used only for home position and tool change. Depending on the job, compressed-air use reportedly can be reduced by up to 80%. Automatic start actuation also enhances productivity.             New HMC (High Motion Control) pneumatic module provides precise closed-loop control of pneumatic pressure throughout the complete stroke range. It is said to offer advantages for speed and welding-force profiling with precise position control--even at high speeds--with both overload and interference protection. The position measuring system is non-contact and non-wearing. Special low-friction drive cylinders are said to improve weld reproducibility, especially with low forces. A special SoftTouch mode prevents damage to the joint when the sonotrode descends on the part.             The new tool-change system with quick-release fastener allows an indexed tool change of the preset sonotrode stacks in just seconds without tools or time-consuming adjustments.             To make sophisticated controls easier to use, the new Dialog 2.0 controls (based on Windows XP) now offer EasySelect and Expert modes. With EasySelect, the menus are reduced to basic functions for easy navigation in typical applications. When programming the six possible auxiliary functions, the intelligent system configurator helps to select control and motion settings. The controls include a 15-in. color touchscreen.             New digital generators of 20, 30, and 35 kHz provide enhanced power from 1200 to 6000 W. The new design reportedly also enhances safety and protects the working area with a light curtain having an LED status display. (630) 626-1626 * www.herrmannultrasonics.com


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