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4/29/2013 | 2 MINUTE READ

New Machinery Debuts at Negri Bossi, Sacmi Open House

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New preform system, all-electric press among the highlights.


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Negri Bossi and parent company Sacmi held an open house in Italy last month for U.S.-based molders at which it introduced some new machinery and gave a first glimpse of new technology in the works.

Headquartered in Imola, Italy, Sacmi (U.S. office in Des Moines, Iowa), dominates the global market for compression molded bottle caps, with systems that run to speeds up 2000 closures/min. Sacmi now offers single-source complete turnkey systems for bottling, including preform production, blow molding, filling, capping, and labeling. Sacmi has over the years extended its compression molding technology, first in 2007 with the Preform Advanced Molding (PAM) system for continuous compression molding of PET preforms; then with the Compression Blow Forming (CBF) process, in which preforms and containers are produced in the same mold. Amcor Rigid Plastics has four CBF machines producing small HDPE pharmaceutical bottles in Youngsville, N.C. Current CBF technology is limited to PE and PS materials, but Sacmi is continuing efforts to extend the technology to PET and PP.

At the open house, Sacmi took the wraps off a new injection molding system for PET preforms. The IPS 220 offers production rates up 1375 lb/hr with a 48-cavity mold. Maximum shot weight is 2.88 g. All piping and pneumatic connections are integrated into the machine to permit fast mold changes of cold halves. On this press, the stripper plate is run by two hydraulic cylinders: one for preform release, the other for extraction. This technique is said to optimize ejection force. The hot-runner system is Sacmi’s own design. The system also features a Sacmi robot in which preform cooling is performed in the robot end-of-arm tooling. In development is a 400-ton, 96-cavity unit.

Milan-based Negri Bossi (U.S. office New Castle, Del.), introduced a two-platen, all-electric machine line called Eleos, available from 50 to 120 metric tons (photo). It’s an extension of the streamlined Eos series Negri Bossi showcased at last year’s NPE2012 show in Orlando, Fla. The moving platen slides on prismatic guides to ensure platen parallelism. Platen stroke is performed by two recirculating ballscrews driven by synchronous motors. During the deceleration phase, braking energy is recovered by the servo drive. Wide tiebar spacing combines with a long opening stroke to provide ample access to the die space for quick mold changes and to facilitate mounting of complex molds. A small hydraulic circuit actuates ejector and core movements.

Negri Bossi is also making a push in the U.S. market with higher-tonnage machines for automotive and other markets. Its Bi-Power line of hydromechanical two-platen presses have a two-cylinder injection unit that permits a smaller footprint than standard designs with an inline injection unit. The press is equipped with variable-volume pumps and an electric inverter screw drive to provide “optimal overlap performance” on screw rotation, clamp movements, and ejection or core movements. Stock machines for the U.S. are available in 1300, 1500, and 2000 tons.