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New Nylon Entrant Brings Differentiated Technology to the Table

Celanese already has some grades of its nylon 6 and 66 offering available.


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A new entrant in the nylon 6 and 66 resin business is Celanese Corp., Dallas, Texas, further expanding its already robust portfolio of engineered materials which included PBT, LCPs, PPS, UHMW-PE, and long-fiber thermoplastics. Moreover, the company is making its entry with nylon 6 and 66 resins produced with differentiated technology it has developed. Some grades are already available with more slated to launch in third quarter.


According to Scott Sutton, president of materials solutions for Celanese, the company aims to develop nylon offerings that expand applications and support customers in a wide variety of industries using the following technologies:


• Celanese’s appearance technologies that leverage MetalLX metal-effect capabilities, lasermarkable abilities, and pre-color compounding.


• Melt-impregnation technologies for structural applications to expand the company’s Celstran LFT and composites product offerings.


• Blend technologies that combine different types of nylons with Celanese materials including Thermx PCT, Vectra and Zenite LCPs, Fortron PPS, CoolPoly thermally conductive polymers, and Fortron Flex PPS for improved performance.


Targeted applications of the new Celanese nylon offerings would include both large and small consumer appliances such as washers, dryers and power tools; automotive parts and components including interior, exterior and underhood applications; and E&E applications including mobile devices, storage devices and home electronics. A nylon offering from Celanese will also support a manufacturer’s need to develop aesthetic Class A surface appearance parts and components that meet colorability, lasermarking and structural functions.


“With the addition of these high-performance products to one of the world’s broadest, most technically-proven engineered materials portfolios, Celanese will leverage its technical capabilities to create differentiated solutions for our customers and be positioned to deliver to deliver greater value to molders, tier suppliers and OEMs in key industries,” said Sutton.