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New Roll Lock-Out System Protects Sheet Operators

First-of-a-kind system prevents rolls from closing accidentally.


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Processing Technologies International (PTi), Aurora, Ill., has been granted a U.S. patent for its new roll lock-out system, which prevents sheet rolls from closing during cleaning, maintenance, and thread-up activity. This safety device, reportedly the first of its kind in the industry, is said to improve operator safety by utilizing mechanical lock-outs with redundant electrical interlocks.

The roll lock-out system is said to be easily integrated into any lock-out/tag-out program and features a readily accessible pull handle that engages the positive mechanical and electrical interlock components. Mechanical presses have included integrated safety devices for decades but this is the first for roll stands, according to Matt Banach, PTi’s v.p. of sales and marketing.

The redundant electrical interlocks prevent rolls from closing if column stops are not in fully stowed position. Springloaded pivot assemblies ensure positional engagement and prevent column stops from rubbing on chrome roll journals during normal operation. The roll lock-out system is an optional feature that can be retrofitted on PTi’s complete line of roll stands and on many non-PTi roll stands.