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New Supplier of Pipe Extrusion Equipment

Firm to offer injection and blow molding machines as well.
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There’s a new company supplying complete extrusion systems for solid-wall pipe production. The startup firm, Canasia Plastics Machinery Ltd. in Thorndale, Ont., represents Liansu Machinery Co. of China. Solid-wall pipe lines for single or multi layers are available for HDPE, PVC, and PP in diameters up to 1600 mm. Applications include water supply, sewage, drainage, irrigation, gas,
cable duct, and electrical.

Canasia offers extruders, inlinebelling machines, cutters, stacking tables, haul-offs, etc. for new or existing lines. Systems are also available forspiral, steel-spiral reinforced, and corrugated pipe. Besides equipment, Canasia offers pipe processing know-how, project management, design assistance, technical support, equipment layout, installation assistance,and start-up commissioning.

Canasia is also supplying injection and blow molding machines for pipe fittings, bottles, barrels, containers, drums, etc. in capacities up to 1250 liters and/or 1800 metric tons clamp force.