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Newcomer in Hot-Stamping Machines

Automator America has introduced a new line of hot-stamping presses in the U.S.


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New hot-stamping equipment is available in the U.S. by Automator America, Ashville, Ohio. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Automator Suisse, who acquired their U.S. distributor MarkFirst in October 2014. The company now expands their presence in North America for full distribution of their marking equipment which include impact presses, roll marking machines, dot peen scribe, laser marking systems, and the new hot-stamping presses, according to company president Greg McDaniel.

Available for manual and pneumatic operation, the Automator MB20/21E series of hot-stamping presses can be bench-mounted or mounted for in-line production, and are said to be ideal for marking plastics as well as fabric and wood. Designed for high-production environments, these units feature a cast base that includes T-slots for tooling. Dimensions for the MB20 manual bench model are 8.070x25.590x12.165 in.; for the MB21E pneumatic bench model, 8.188x23.622x13.976 in.; and, for the MB21EU pneumatic universal mount system, 17.125x9.842x18.700 in. Tooling shank is 1.062 in., and the stroke of the rack is 2.559 in. on the MB20E, and 2.637 in. for the MB21E and MB21EU.

Equipped with an automatic ribbon advancement package and temperature control regulator, these units reportedly apply consistent personalization of products with colored foil imprints. Many accessories for marking details are available including cliché, type and type holders, numbering heads, and custom hot stamping dies.