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5/9/2018 | 4 MINUTE READ

Nordson Expands Worldwide Capabilities for PPS Business Unit

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Parent firm establishing Polymer Processing Systems group as global ‘go-to’ source for multiple components required by companies across the plastics manufacturing value chain.

Nordson Corp. is amid an intensive, multi-continent program whose objective is to establish its Polymer Processing Systems (PPS) business as the worldwide “go to” source for a wide variety of components regularly required by resin companies, machine builders, recyclers, and extrusion and molding processors.

“Nordson PPS products and services are now accessible worldwide on a highly localized basis to customers large and small,” says John J. Keane, Nordson Corp. executive vice president. “In many cases we can supply a combination of components that work together to optimize the customer’s process. A recycler, for example, can rely on Nordson for pelletizers, melt pumps, and filtration systems, while a film or sheet processor can look to us for components ranging from screws and barrels to extrusion dies.”

Keane spoke to Plastics Technology at the Nordson booth (W2525) on Tuesday.

Nordson’s investment program has created what Keane calls regional “centers of excellence” that enable customers to order products from any region and obtain the same components in terms of material and quality. “Regional centers also lower shipping costs and lead times, and the resulting decrease in air or ocean transportation means a lower environmental impact,” Keane adds.

Recent innovations by Nordson represent three PPS pillar brands: BKG pelletizing and melt delivery systems; EDI extrusion and fluid coating dies; and Xaloy screws and barrels for extrusion and injection molding. Each brand includes a wide range of product offerings for a gamut of customer requirements.

“Virtually all of the innovations that we have introduced help customers to meet goals of sustainability,” says Keane. “In any project to develop a new product, one of our key considerations is minimizing the impact of the product on critical environmental resources. A great example is the BKG R-Type melt filtration system. Introduced at the K2016 show, it filters highly contaminated materials so that they can be recycled and then reused in production processes. Most Nordson innovations in fact help processors to use less energy or raw material while making more product.”

Nordson is currently building new and expanded capabilities for the PPS group on three continents:

Münster, Germany. Nordson is building a global hub for BKG pelletizers and melt delivery components. Due for completion in the summer of this year, the expansion will also include a dedicated aftermarket center for both BKG systems and EDI dies. The new facility is being built at the site of the longstanding home of BKG pelletizers in Münster and will more than triple the amount of office, R&D, and manufacturing space at that location. Besides expanding capabilities for engineering, manufacturing, and sales of pelletizers, screen changers, melt pumps and polymer valves, the project will include an enhanced technical center for R&D and customer trials. The aftermarket center will provide European customers with rework and repair services and be designed to minimize order lead times and reduce downtime for customers.

Pirmasens, Germany. Nordson is producing Xaloy screws and barrels in Europe for the first time, following extensive investment to modernize the infrastructure and install new equipment in a plant acquired from twin screw and barrel manufacturer WAFO in 2015. Screws and barrels made in the facility meet the exact same standards as those produced by Nordson in the USA and Thailand. Prior to the Pirmasens startup, the Xaloy brand was already well established in Europe through Nordson’s sales and support operation at Neckarsulm, Germany.

Austintown, Ohio. Nordson has just opened a regional hub in the Americas for Xaloy screws and barrels in a new 60,000+ ft2 facility that includes substantial investment in new machining centers, furnaces, and other equipment, as well as production capabilities relocated from three other sites in the U.S. The relocation process will be complete in coming months. This large state of the art operation has advanced capabilities for precision manufacturing and rapid customer support, along with an information platform integrated with Nordson PPS systems worldwide.

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. As a result of a major investment, Nordson is starting up advanced systems for the manufacture of EDI flat dies. The new capabilities enhance quality assurance and decrease lead times. Nordson has also expanded capacity for remanufacturing as part of a reorganization of operations at its three sites in Chippewa Falls.

Shanghai, China. Following a move of its EDI extrusion and coating dies operation to a new, larger facility, Nordson has begun assembly of BKG screen changers and gear pumps. It has also begun planning for the finishing of Xaloy barrels from semi-finished products produced at the Nordson facility in Chonbury, Thailand. Also new is an underwater pelletizing lab line for demonstrations, customer trials, and product development for the BKG pelletizer brand. In addition, the facility has upgraded quality and inspection capabilities to meet all critical parameters for processing performance.

Saitama, Japan. Nordson has added capacity for building EDI dies and for remanufacturing dies. A new superfinishing unit is particularly valuable for local specialty markets such as that for optical-grade film. Nordson has also added production, sales, and technical support personnel at Saitama and the sales office in Tokyo.

“We have crafted a unique presence across all aspects of the polymer industry and a global capability unmatched by any other component supplier,” says Keane. “Our aim is to enable customers to take full advantage of our technical depth, breadth of product offerings, and localized service.”


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