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Nova Chemicals Starts Up World-Scale LLDPE Reactor

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This reactor is the first new LLDPE reactor in the Americas in over a decade.

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In December 2016, Nova Chemicals Corp. (U.S. office in Moon Township, Penn.) started up its new world-scale LLDPE gas-phase reactor at its Joffre, Alberta site, and is now shipping butene LLDPE produced by this unit to its customers. Representing the first new LLDPE reactor to be brought on stream in the Americas in over 10 years, this unit’s capacity will all the company to meet the growing demand for flexible films used in good packaging, heavy-duty sack and can liners.

The reactor boosts Nova’s LLDPE production capacity by nearly 1 billion/lbs, contributing to the company’s total PE production capacity by about 5 billion/lbs. The company’s Novapol butene LLDPE is known in the industry as reportedly offering an excellent balance of physical properties, product uniformity and consistency, and best-in-class gel performance. 


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