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NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Additives

The broad range of new additives includes modifiers, silicone additives for various polyolefins, compatibilizers PET and PLA, a blowing agent reinforced nylons, flame-retardant synergists for wire & cable, unique colorants, and color-tracking software for liquid-color metering devices. 
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Milliken & Company (S26023) is launching two new products specifically geared to injection-molded PP impact copolymers. One is a unique modifier that has been shown to improve impact and melt flow of PP, while maintaining stiffness and allowing for cost-effective downgauging. Too, the technology is said to enable recycled resin to deliver physical properties comparable to that of virgin materials. The other new product is the latest technology addition to the company’s Hyperform HPN family of nucleating agents, which is said to be specifically designed to maximize stiffness in PP impact copolymers and enable thinner gauges.Milliken is also showcasing its extensive portfolio of additives for improving the clarity, performance and processing of polyolefins. 

Lehvoss North America (S31147) is featuring Luvobatch PA BA 1001/1002, a new endothermic blowing agent that makes it possible to reduce the weight of reinforced nylons in all common processing systems. Use of this agent reportedly reduces the weight of these materials by up to 30%, maintains a low-level loss of mechanical properties, and helps avoid sink marks and contraction cavities. Use of the product as the carrier system prevents the delamination in components subject to high mechanical stress which may arise during the addition of masterbatch based on PE or universal carriers.

Two innovative technologies for driving increased use of recycled polyester in nylon resins (creating alloys) and enhancing the benefits of recycled PET are being launched by Vertellus (S10155). One is a novel compatibilizer for creating alloys of recycled PET and nylon that enables these new materials to have performance properties comparable to those of virgin nylon, but with a significant cost advantage. The other is a novel, patent-pending technology for upgrading recycled PET and, potentially, bioplastics such as PLA. 

Spain’s Tolsa (S15207) is presenting new technical developments for its Adins high-performance flame-retardant synergists—a range of additives based on a breakthrough technology using natural silicates.  

Holland Colours (S26035) is highlighting two recently launched colorant products. The Holcobatch Natural Collection palette is a 100% non-petroleum based colorant option for use in bioplastics. These colorants boast both superior processing performance and material compatibility in commercial applications. They have been used successfully in polyesters including PLA and sugar-derived PET.

Holcobatch Frost replicates the premium look and soft texture of frosted glass in a lightweight, less costly scuff and mar-resistant material. The translucent effect is created with significant gloss reduction, regardless of orientation. The product is reportedly ideal for creamy, oily and high-alcohol applications. Dust-free, microbead Frost can replace spray-on or painted frost effects.

PolyOne (Room S230BC) is emphasizing its reportedly game-changing OnColor Brillian metallic colorants launched last year that mimic paint. PolyOne is also featuring new Lactra SX UV barrier additive in solid masterbatch form, said to provide high-level light-blocking technology and protection for liquid dairy contents when added to monolayer PET bottles.

AESSE Sales & Distributions spotlighting new technologies from three Chinese suppliers of specialty additives and additive masterbatches that it now represents in North America:

Javachem HG 600 is for improving scratch-and-mar resistance in filled PP and TPO in automotive components. Also new are silicone additive masterbatches Javachem GT300 and 805. There is also Javachem PA1066 Black, said to allow the coloring of glass-filled nylon with improved aesthetics while avoiding deterioration of properties associated with using carbon black as a colorant.

Sundow Polymers Co. Ltd is showing chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) for use as impact modifiers in thermoplastic elastomers and CPE resins for impact modification. 

Fine-Blend has three new products: SAG (styrene acrylonitrile glycidil methacrylate) additives that are reportedly designed to improve thermal stability, provide phase improvement and chain extension for PC, PET, nylon, and PLA.

Also new are SOG additives, which contain highly-reactive epoxy groups that reportedly improve toughness and hydrolysis of PET and PBT, including glass-reinforced versions, and serve as compatibilizers for recycled polyester and its alloys such as PC/PBT, PET/PP, PET/PE. 

Riverdale Global (S22023) is showcasing its new GlobalTracker system—a color-tracking software capability, available at no cost, that uses real-time, company-wide data from liquid-color metering devices to automate many of a customer’s purchasing, production management, and compliance functions, and it makes remote troubleshooting possible.