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NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Engineering Resins Getting More Customized

Materials firms tailoring resins for specific applications.


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RTP Co. (S22091) is featuring a range of new applications made with its engineered thermoplastic compounds. RTP engineers will showcase 7-Steps: A Metal-to-Plastic Conversion Guide for successful metal-to-plastic part conversion. RTP boasts extensive expertise in using filled thermoplastic compounds to replace metal in a wide range of applications.  Also new is a selection of thermoplastic alloys that demonstrate abrasion resistance comparable to UHMWPE but are designed for injection molding. 

Lehvoss North America (S31147) is focusing on customized material solutions and its expanding capabilities in custom compounding, additive manufacturing, masterbatch, and concentrates. The Luvocom 1114 series, based on high-temperature resistant PEKK, is designed to provide exceptional tribological and thermal properties. 

Ascend Performance Materials (S14001) is showcasing the latest addition to its Vydyne nylon 66 family: the XHT series of extreme heat-resistant compounds. Said to represent a step change in Ascend’s heat-resistance portfolio, the series will debut with two grades for demanding automotive applications and capable of withstanding prolonged exposure at 410 F (210 C) and 446 F (230 C).

Teknor Apex Co. (S22045) is featuring Chemlon 102HI BK001, its “next-generation” nylon 66 compound said to overcome cycle-time limitations of earlier grades.

Polymer Resources Ltd. (S15175) is highlighting its engineering resin compounds, including nylons, ABS, PC and blends, PBT, PEI, ASA/PC and PPE/PS, and discuss new customized services. 

BASF has been working with truck and trailer manufacturer Wabash National Corp., Lafayette, Ind., to develop an all-plastic composite refrigerated trailer, and a part of the trailer will be on display. Lighting Technologies, Oxford, Mich., is showcasing a sustainable, lightweight composite pallet. Also on hand is a prototype lightweight robot collaboratively developed with Shanghai’s SIASUN Robot.

Arkema (S34146) is highlighting new applications with its Kynar UHM PVDV fluoropolymer. Included is foamed PVDV. 

PolyOne  (Room S210AB) is featuring its “extreme-heat” compounds based on PEEK, PES, PEI, PPS, PSU and S230BCPPSU. 

SABIC (S19001) is showcasing a broad range of materials from both its petrochemicals and specialties plastics portfolios by featuring a wide array of end-use applications across multiple industries. Among them:

  • PPE is featured in a unique filtration module from Noryl Glass-reinforced Cerafiltic, a Saudi manufacturer of water-filtration systems.  
  • The Lexan CXT line of high-clarity, high-heat, injection moldable PC copolymers, which are designed for use in optical applications in the electronics, consumer and industrial and healthcare industries.
  • Lexan DH65011 sheet, said to an innovative thermoformable opaque, solid, low-gloss PC/ABS that is compliant with the U.S. Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) NFPA 130 fire safety standard for passenger rail car interior walls, ceilings and seat frames. 
  •  Udmax GPE 46-70 tape. This newest addition to SABIC’s expanding portfolio of Udmax unidirectional fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite tape products is a new glass-filled HDPE, which may be used for reinforcing industrial components such as oil, gas and water pipes and pressure vessels. 
  • Ultem UTF120 PEI 7µm dielectric film, developed for professional-grade capacitor applications and targeted to increasingly higher-voltage applications that require thicker film with greater storage capacity, is the second in a planned portfolio of high-performance dielectric films featuring different thicknesses. 

SABIC is also unveiling several new technologies including: a portfolio of PP compounds for improved haptics in automotive interiors; a series of heat-resistant LNP compounds for electronics; two healthcare filament grades for additive manufacturing; and, a carbon fiber hollow core aircraft seat back application.