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NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Sealing the Deal

New assembly technologies range from upgraded ultrasonic welders to a system that boasts a revolution in the design and manufacturing of threaded products.


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Rinco Ultrasonics USA (W5373) is launching its new AGM Pro ultrasonic generator designed to be built into automation lines and special-purpose machines for controlling ultrasonic components. The digital, Industry 4.0-capable AGM Pro is an upgraded version of Rinco’s current AGM ultrasonic generator and is reportedly well suited for semi-automated and automated applications mostly for the automotive, packaging industries. 

Rinco is also unveiling its Electrical Motion ultrasonic welding machine. Available in 20 kHz and 35 kHz frequencies, the new unit is said to represent a move away from traditional pneumatic type press systems to electrically driven machines. This system enables users to finely regulate the weld, using precise positioning of the horn, along with the applied welding force to the welding rate. This means considerably better results in welding, punching, cutting, and sealing of molded thermoplastic parts, nonwovens, and synthetic textiles. 

Emerson’s Branson Ultrasonics Div. (W3763), is showcasing the latest addition to the Branson 2000Xc series ultrasonic assembly systems, which reportedly combines a small physical size, precise and consistent high-quality welds, and the process control needs of today’s manufacturing environment. New Branson 2000Xc 40kHz MicroActuator features a narrow width of 70mm/2.76 in. and a low height of 660mm/25.98 in., and a 40kHz ultrasonic frequency at 800W output power.The 2000Xc locks in the welding process with fully electronic welder settings, hierarchical password protection, and Ethernet connectivity access. 

Dukane (W1442) is highlighting its newly introduced rotary infrared (IR) welding system that features multiple heating stations to reduce cycle time. The reportedly unique Rotary Infrared Welding System is designed for assemblies that fall within a footprint of 7.87 in. x 9.84 in. or less, requiring a fast cycle time. It provides a non-contact IR welding solution that is capable of producing welded assemblies as fast as every 8 seconds—this compared to conventional IR welding machines that run at a rate of 30-40 sec/cycle. These rates are accomplished by enabling the normally sequential welding steps (load, heater extend, melt, retract, join, hold, open, and unload) to happen simultaneously on a rotary indexing machine. Each step of the weld process occurs at the same time on each of the indexer stations. 

Herrmann Ultrasonics (W8153) is spotlighting the latest enhancements to its HiQ Vario series of ultrasonic welders, which can be configured to suit individual needs, and boasts significant reduction in setup and changeover times with features like the quick-change system (QCS), whereby the aligned weld tools can be changed to a new application in under a minute. Manufacturers using the Vario for different devices will benefit from new safety measures launched a year ago.                                                 

ITW Shakeproof (S19159) is showcasing two new products have been created that increase performance of its fasteners: BosScrew thread forming screw for plastics is said to be the only screw specifically designed not to loosen in plastic applications. During thread rolling, pressure wells are added to the top flank of the thread. When the screw is installed, plastic will flow into these pressure wells, interlocking with the plastic. 

GripTide insert is a low-cost steel insert for plastics that reportedly surpasses brass inserts in quality, cost and performance. This insert utilizes cold forming and rolling to give a unique feature on the outside of the insert; it creates a permanent mechanical interference locking it in plastics.