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4/8/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Multicomponent Injection and Blow Molding Demos

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Multicolor and multimaterial molding includes composites, LSR, and even barrier preforms and bottles at this show.

NPE2018 Exhibitors

Arburg Inc.

Booth: W1325

View Showroom

Wittmann Battenfeld, Inc.

Booth: W3742

View Showroom

Netstal (KraussMaffei Group)

Booth: S16088

View Showroom

SIGMASOFT Virtual Molding

Booth: S30023

View Showroom

Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.

Booth: W1303

View Showroom

MILACRON Booth including Cimcool, DME, Mold-Masters and Uniloy

Booth: W2703

View Showroom

Boy Machines Inc.

Booth: W2503

View Showroom

Krauss-Maffei Corporation (KraussMaffei Group)

Booth: W403

View Showroom

NPE reflects growing trend of combining different colors and/or materials through multi-step overmolding or simultaneous co-injection. Among the multicomponent injection and blow molding demos running at the show are the following:

KraussMaffei (Booth W403) is adding a wrinkle to its FiberForm technology for lightweight, high-strength thermoplastic composites. It is overmolding composite organosheets with both a rigid thermoplastic for functional purposes and soft-touch TPE for consumer comfort, producing an auto armrest on a GWX 450 press with a swivel plate.

Multi-materials in micromolding is featured by Wittmann Battenfeld (Booth W3742) in the U.S. debut of its MicroPower Combimould unit with two parallel injection barrels and a mold with a rotating plate. It is molding a consumer electronic part of standard PC and electro-conductive PC.

LSR-on-LSR multicomponent molding is on view at two booths. Arburg (Booth W1325) has not one, but two, cells running two-shot LSR/LSR applications—a two-color, dual-durometer watch band and a dual-durometer membrane for valves used in medical and automotive applications. And CAE simulation software provider Sigma Plastic Services (S30023) is molding a two-color LSR egg cup and comparing the actual results with its “Virtual Molding” prediction.

Use of retrofittable secondary injection units to convert standard machines to multicomponent molding is being shown by Boy Machines (Booth W2503), producing a wine-bottle spout on a Boy 60 E by overmolding NAS styrene-acrylic with TPE using a Boy 2C S auxiliary injection unit. And Milacron (Booth W2703) is running one of its new Quantum toggle presses with a Mold-Masters E-Multi auxiliary injector to product a two-color, double-walled drinking cup.

E-Multi also figures in Milacron’s new Kortec Connect program, which for the first time allows running Kortec co-injection hot-runner systems on a standard press with a secondary injector added. Kortec technology produces three-layer barrier containers or preforms for stretch-blow molding. See it in action at the Milacron booth on a Uniloy IBS 85 injection-blow molding machine making barrier bottles.

Two other firms highlighting barrier co-injected preforms at the show are Netstal and Husky Injection Molding Systems. In the Bottle Zone, Netstal (Booth S16088) is showing off the Prelactia system for three-layer light-barrier PET preforms for UHT milk, which runs on its PET-Line system. And Husky (Booth W1303) is highlighting its multi-layer co-injection technology that made a big splash at NPE2015.

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