Oil Additive Helps Hydraulic Presses Save Energy

Hydraulic oil additive maintains more uniform viscosity over a range of oil temperatures.


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Injection molding presses and other plastics machinery can operate more efficiently and save energy with a hydraulic oil additive from Evonik of Germany (U.S. office in Parsippany, N.J.) Evonik’s Dynavis technology involves formulating oils with its Viscoplex family of polymer-based viscosity-index improvers. Normally, hydraulic equipment works at optimal efficiency when the oil is within a particular temperature range. Oils formulated with Dynavis technology (which has been licensed to a number of hydraulic oil suppliers around the world) extend that high-efficiency temperature range: They both flow better at low temperatures and remain more viscous at higher temperatures. When such oils are used in injection molding machines, the press uses less drive energy, and the oil does not get as hot and withstands shearing forces better. Until recently, Dynavis technology has been used mainly in construction equipment. Tests in injection machines were released by Evonik in 2015. Dynavis technology was tested on a Boy Machines 35-ton press and an Engel 120-ton machine. Comparisons with standard hydraulic oils showed energy savings of 6% to 10% with Dynavis.