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10/20/2014 | 2 MINUTE READ

Omega Plastics Acquires Vinylex

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Custom profile processor Omega continues its expansion plans with purchase of 62-year-old profile maker.

Omega Plastics, LLC of Clinton, Tenn. announced last week that it had bought Vinylex Corp., a custom and proprietary product extrusion company with manufacturing sites in Knoxville, Tenn. and Carrollton, Texas. Financial terms were not revealed.

“Two and one half years ago Omega Plastics formed a strategic partnership with DVP (a leading extrusion and injection molding processor based in Santiago, Chile), to grow and expand our mutual presence in North America. Since the partnership began, Omega has expanded manufacturing capacity by over 50% with the addition of high-speed extrusion lines and an investment in people,” states Stephen Redwine, Omega’s CEO. “We continued to grow through the recession, and the merger of Omega Plastics with Vinylex Corporation will allow the company to continue expanding the market for profile extrusion in North America” he adds.

Vinylex has been a leader in the custom profile market since 1952, and was a pioneer in bringing plastic profile extrusion to Tennessee. The company achieved ISO 9001-2008 certification in 1995, and extrudes both custom and proprietary products in wide range of materials including rigid/flexible PVC, ABS, Nylon, PE, PP HIPS, CPVC as well as other engineered thermoplastic materials.

“The addition of Vinylex talent, experience, resources and capabilities are essential to our long range growth plan in North America”, states Ricardo Merino, DVP’s CEO. “The market in North America offers tremendous opportunity for our products, including extrusion and injection molding. We will continue aggressive growth organically with good people and products, as well as other potential acquisitions of plastics related processors”, says Merino.

Through the acquisition, the company will increase both manufacturing space and capacity, with facilities in strategic Tennessee and Texas locations. The combined footprint of North American facilities exceed 285,000 ft², and include rail service to the sites, silo storage for raw materials, and compounding capabilities at each location.

Coupled with a strong international manufacturing presence in South America, the organization is well positioned to supply customers with multiple manufacturing locations across the globe. “With complete extrusion die and fabrication tool building capabilities at each facility, including DVP in Santiago, the company is well equipped to continue aggressive growth in the North and South American markets’, states Herb Hutchison, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Omega.

Since 1978, Omega Plastics, LLC has been manufacturing made-to-order solutions with thermoplastic custom profile extrusion and a proprietary random loop vinyl mesh sheet used for mats, product protection and other applications. Its capabilities include single, dual and triple durometer custom profile extrusion in a variety of different thermoplastic materials. Additional capabilities include both Celuka and free foam extrusion, and complete tooling construction and development.