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Online Global Marketplace For Polymer Transactions

Service allows polymer buyers and sellers around the world to post products, negotiate, and arrange for shipment.


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There’s a new portal for buyers and sellers of resin. A start-up company called Kemgo, Princeton, N.J., has launched what it calls a pioneering online marketplace specifically designed for polymers and other petrochemicals that connects buyers and sellers globally. “In the 21st century, geography and limited information shouldn’t be an obstacle when finding suppliers or buyers,” says Joe Naaman, who along with Ralph de Haan founded the company. “We are going to help by creating this trusted worldwide marketplace.”

Kemgo provides access to global markets at "dynamic pricing" 24/7, 365 days a year. It accomplishes this through the use of a web application that provide buyers and sellers worldwide the ability to connect with one another to share and act upon requirements and facilitate transactions. The service is free for buyers and sellers to sign up and post product needs or products for sale. A small commission fee is charged to sellers when a transaction is confirmed.

On the website, companies can post their purchase or sale requirements; find buyers or suppliers with the polymers specified; confirm and update any transactions; arranging to shipping or receiving; communicate and/or negotiate with buyers/suppliers; receive automatic notifications for products they are interested in; and even review their new partner on how the transaction went

de Haan says the service reduces costs by: increasing supply and purchasing options available to buyers and sellers; making worldwide market data visible and new markets accessible so that users can more readily find partners without increasing costs; speeding up the sourcing and ordering process by providing petrochemical suppliers and buyers with the ability to connect with one another globally and facilitate transactions all day, every day.

Within its two first months of operation, de Haan says Kemgo has managed to acquire some strategic members to the platform, including a Fortune 100 company and a major Middle Eastern Petrochemical manufacturer. Kemgo continues to expand its footprint into new markets and products globally.