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6/1/2010 | 1 MINUTE READ

Our Machinery Database Is Live Online!

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If you haven’t visited our website lately, it’s time for another look.

If you haven’t visited our website lately, it’s time for another look. Two important new enhancements have just gone online at ptonline.com. One of them is the first machinery database of its kind to appear on the web. We took the injection molding and blow molding machine specs that have appeared for many decades in our annual Processing Handbook & Buyers’ Guide and made them interactive. The specs are now searchable! If you’re looking for, say, a 250-ton, toggle-clamp injection press with a 5-oz shot and all-electric drive, the search engine will show you all the machine models available in the U.S. that meet these criteria.

Within a month or so, we plan to move five more categories of machinery specs from the Handbook to the web. Instead of repeating the specs in print, our next edition of the Handbook this fall will have catalog-style summaries of each machine suppliers’ product line, indicating the breadth of their range, distinguishing features, and specialized application areas. The different but complementary machinery information in our Handbook and our website gives the most comprehensive picture ever of plastics machinery available in North America.

Linking our monthly magazine to the dynamic capabilities of our website is the next step in creating an integrated, multi-dimensional resource for plastics processing information. Starting this month, the “Learn More” logo will appear in Plastics Technology articles in print and online. It will signal a path to additional information on the subject you’re reading about. Specifically, the “Learn More” citation on the printed page gives you the address of a web page where you will find links to related articles, company information, and product information. In the future, “Learn More” links may take you to articles published only on our website or to expanded versions of stories that appeared in print.