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Packaging Processors Combine

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Two processors serving the container market unite.

Two processors serving the container market became one last month when Placon Corp. purchased Plastic Packaging Corp. (PCC). Based in Madison, Wis., Placon is a sheet processor and thermoformer. PCC in W. Springfield, Mass., is an injection molder. Both firms are family owned.

States Dan Mohs, Placon’s CEO, “Many of our customers use both thermoformed and injection molded packaging. By integrating these technologies, we will broaden our food packaging portfolio and provide our customers with more options and greater value.” Placon offers both custom and stock lines of thermoformed food containers in PP and recycled PET (top image). Its EcoStar sheet is made from up to 100% post-consumer bottles (see March 2013 feature). PCC molds PEand PP cups, tubs, pails, and lids (bottom image).