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PlasticComp Extrudes LFT Pipes & Profiles

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A patent-pending manufacturing line for extruding long-fiber thermoplastic (LFT) pipes, beams, and other structural profiles has been installed and commissioned by PlastiComp, Inc., Winona, Minn. The system uses crosshead profile dies to coextrude fiber tows and unidirectional tapes as continuous axial reinforcement in the extruded profile. Polymer is delivered from a 3.5-in. extruder, providing profile outputs up to 800 lb/hr, depending on profile thickness and fiber content. In two initial development applications, 2-in.-wide rectangular beams and 6-in.-diam. tubes were coextruded with unidirectional glass tapes as the axial reinforcement. The matrix materials were long-glass PE and TPU compounds. PlastiComp says the system can use any melt-processable polymer.


  • Tooling Know-How: Five Tips on Profile Die Design

    A poorly designed profile die—one that does not permit the part to be extruded with the same dimensions from run to run—coupled with a lack of understanding of the extrusion process, is a recipe for scrap generation.

  • Get Smarter on Extruder Sizes

    Processors tend to recommend a much larger extruder than what’s really necessary for the job and the capabilities of the downstream equipment.

  • Stop Die Buildup

    Die buildup, also called die drool, die bleed, or plate-out, can plague any extrusion process.