What One Word Would You Use to Describe the Plastics Industry?

The Graduate has forever etched the phrase, “One word...plastics”, into movie quote history, but if you had to truly describe the plastics industry in one word, what word would you choose? 


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Here at NPE2018, the PT Problem Solvers contest asks plastics professionals to join Plastics Technology in facing, sharing and solving plastics industry problems by submitting photos or videos. The contest is also a really good way to celebrate this year’s premier problem-solving event, NPE2018, and a good excuse for Plastics Technology to give away some cool gear here in Orlando.

Beyond what processors are dealing with day-to-day, there’s one problem, in particular, that Plastics Technology would like to solve here at NPE2018.

The problem? If you have worked in the plastics industry or attended a plastics event, you have undoubtedly been introduced to a quote or quotes from the 1967 Academy Award-winning film, The Graduate. Last year, the film celebrated its 50th year. Honestly, it felt like it came and went without enough fanfare.

That aside, while “The Graduate,” so succinctly surmises the future in one word (again, it’s plastics), Plastics Technology doesn’t feel enough has been done to equally classify the plastics industry, in one word. So, the publication is asking you—describe the plastics industry—in one word.

You can share your submission in any of the following ways. Text your submission to 513-780-5590. Enter your submission online at PTonline.com/network/registration. Stop by Booth W-2513, West Hall at NPE2018: The Plastics Show and tell Plastics Technology in person.

At the conclusion of NPE2018, Plastics Technology will do some word analysis and report how the plastics industry defines plastics: in one word.


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