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Plastipak Wins Award for Direct Object Printing Technology

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The patented DOP technology for packaging decoration facilitates rapid label changes & saves on logistical costs associated with physical labels.

Thanks to its patented Direct Object Printing (DOP)for packaging decoration, Plastipak Packaging, Plymouth, Mich., won a silver DuPont Award for Packaging Innovation. These awards, now in their 29th year, represent the industry’s longest running, global, independently judged celebration of innovation and collaboration.

The DOP technology employs specially-developed inks that are fully compatible with closed-loop recycling and cured using low-energy LED lights, images are directly ink-jet printed on to plastic bottles and container, eliminating the need for separate labels, liners and adhesives. Ink-jet printing facilitates variable data printing, meaning that each and every bottle printed can carry a different design without costly plate changes, label stock-holding and downtime associated with label change-overs. There are no minimum print runs for each design.

The benefits for beverage and other companies include rapid label changes for language or regulatory content as well as saving on logistical costs and processes associated with physical labels, all contributing to a package with a lower carbon footprint. Plastipak notes that biggest advantage is for markets, where DOP’s inherent flexibility and speed-to-market opens up the opportunity for more-targeted, regional and customized campaigns that can revolve around specific events or changing consumer trends. 

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