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5/8/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Plastrac Promotes Flexibility With Upgraded Cart Blending

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Building off a concept launched at last NPE, Plastrac has a revamped version of its cart-based blending system in Orlando that stresses flexibility.

In addition to working on the hardware side of the unit, Plastrac (Booth W129) also updated the software side with an all-new touch-screen control. Eric Bullivant, Plastrac vice president, says that in addition to ease-of-operation for the user, the new control gives the equipment extra features and flexibility, including greater accessibility and connectivity from Ethernet and USB ports. “At Plastrac, we’re not only keeping up with all the latest advances in technology,” Bullivant says. “We’re integrating them into our systems.”

At last NPE, Plastrac introduced a dual-cart blending system. The newest cart-based blending system features a batching mode where processors can enter in a lb/hr throughput target, leave the system to its job, and it will shut down automatically upon reaching the predetermined weight. With this functionality, processors could dial in as much material as needed to fill a gaylord, or brew up a batch as small as 1 lb—all unattended.

“These can be used in various applications,” Bullivant says. “People who don’t want to do on-machine blending can benefit, and there’s quick, easy clean out.” From a safety standpoint, processors who don’t want workers climbing on top of a molding machine, for instance, to set up a blender at the feedthroat, can do off-line blending, with the cart set up next to the press or working off line in a back room.

The new cart systems are duplex and fully independent dual models. In the duplex-dual design, a single virgin feeder and two different color feeders have a shared controller and blower system, operating independently with either manual color filling or an automated color loader. The dual system can manage two different resins for double-shot machines, and Plastrac notes that separate hoppers facilitate easy color changes, with a full dual able to accommodate two natural resins and up to two additives, using a shared blower system, with a control box that can manage up to six disc feeders, allowing operators to switch colors electronically.


In addition to the cart systems, Plastrac is showing its full line of PET systems as well as injection and extrusion feeders. In addition, Plastrac equipment is running in the booths of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag, Yushin, Toyo, and Nissei ASB.


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