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Rail Transport System on Thermoformer Reduces Waste

Originally titled 'Rail Transport System on Thermoformer Reduces Waste'
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SencorpWhite says that the Ultra 2 thermoformer is 70 percent faster than previous models.

SencorpWhite announces the release of the Ultra 2 thermoformer. The product was designed for multiple industries looking for more precision, efficiency and control of form and trim. The Ultra 2 is equipped with a robust, heavy-duty, rail transport system. SencorpWhite says that this new rail transport system enables SencorpWhite’s clients the ability to use less material and produce less waste. The Ultra 2 utilizes a proprietary off-load system, which is up to 70 percent faster than previous designs. The Ultra 2 combines speed along with the ability to deliver either more ups by cycle or produce larger pieces.

SencorpWhite’s Ultra 2 includes inline steel rule tools to help reduce tool costs and labor costs. These tools are designed to shorten production time and increase savings. The Ultra 2 is designed to give clients the ability to create more quality parts, produce less waste, use less energy and increase profits.


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