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Recyclers ... Is The Correct Color Important To You?

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Recyclers ... Is The Correct Color Important To You? Color has become an important benchmark of quality in recycled plastics. Diverse products such as bottles & bags, clothing & carpet to lumber & construction materials are being made from post-commercial and post-consumer scrap plastic. This increases the need for the recycler to provide consistent colors of recycled resins. It is now critical that standardization and coding of color measurement be based on analytical data. The Color Solution for Plastic Recycling: HunterLab’s ColorFlex color measurement spectrophotometer or our other portable, Bench Top and continuous measurement on-line color systems, address plastic recycling color needs. * Check raw material or PCR (post-consumer resin) for acceptable color limits * Sort or blend for consistency * Get early data on PCR appearance prior to palletizing * Determine detergent effectiveness in removing contaminants * Check cleaned recycled polymers for levels of dirt * Determine if product is within color tolerances * Aid in shipment allocation If having the correct color for your plastic recycling is important to you or your customer email info@hunterlab.com