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8/21/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

Reduction Engineering Scheer Names Canadian Distributor

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15-year plastics veteran will sell the company’s line of pelletizers and pulverizers.


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Reduction Engineering Scheer, Kent, Ohio, has appointed Josh Bere as an authorized distributor of the company’s pelletizer and pulverizer line in Canada. Bere is president of Ichor Industrial Inc., a multi-trade services contractor based in Kitchner, Ontario.

“We’re pleased to establish this distribution relationship with Josh who has quickly established himself as a leading service supplier and installer of machinery/equipment for the plastics industry in Canada,” said John Sly, sales manager for Reduction Engineering Scheer. “We expect the new supply channel will help expand our presence and boost growth for our industry-leading products throughout Canada.”

Ichor Industrial Inc. is a multi-trade services contractor which offers equipment services, commissioning and installation of machinery, and optimization services. Bere will represent Reduction Engineering Scheer in Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba. “We welcome this new distribution arrangement which expands our portfolio options for customers,” said Bere. “RE Scheer’s unique line of pelletizers and pulverizers deliver distinct advantages to compounders and recyclers; thus we see strong opportunities in the Canadian market.”

Bere previously served for 15 years as a maintenance manager for a leading U.S. supplier of color concentrates and compounds. He worked on a range of corporate projects as a designer and builder of compounding equipment and installed systems for plastics manufacturers in Canada.

Bere is a certified maintenance management professional (MMP) through the Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada (PEMAC). He is also a certified millwright with a Red Seal certificate.


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