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Reedy International Gets New Name

Along with new headquarters, Reedy International has the new name of Reedy Chemical Foam & Specialty Additives.


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Twenty five year-old pioneer of CO2 chemical foaming agents for thermoplastics Reedy International, Charlotte, N.C. (previously of Keyport, N.J.) has been renamed to better reflect its business to Reedy Chemical Foam & Specialty Additives.

The company is globally known for its Safoam chemical foaming agents, available in pellets and powders, whose energy absorbing technology (endothermic) can create fine-cell structures in all typical commodity and engineering thermoplastics to reduce weight increase output, and reduce machine energy.  It also offers the Saftec specialty additives product line to enhance foam, including the following six new additions that will be featured at NPE 2015:  Saftec RB melt strength enhancers and chain enhancers, ST anti-stats, FR flame retardants, AC processing stabilizers, OP optical brighteners, and PG-40 and $5 Purge compounds for injection and extrusion.