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Rhein Chemie Now Merged Into Lanxess

Rhein Chemie Additives now a business unit of Lanxess.


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The U.S. legal entity Rhein Chemie Corp., Chardon, Ohio has merged into its parent Lanxess Corp., Pittsburgh, Penn., as business unit of Rhein Chemie Additives. The merger is part of a previously announced Lanxess Group-wide restructuring program, “Let’s Lanxess Again”, initiated in 2014 that resulted in the merging of several business units.

The Rhein Chemie Additive unit, which came into existence on January 1, 2015, is the combination of the former Lanxess Functional Chemicals business unit, the former Rhein Chemie business, and the former Lanxess Rubber Chemicals business unit’s specialty chemicals product line. For the plastics industry, the Rhein Chemie unit offers a broad range of organic pigments and solvent soluble dyes for commodity and engineering resins; phosphorus-based flame retardants; stabilizers for protection against humidity; specialty plasticizers; and catalysts and activators for cast nylon production as well as modifiers that make cast nylon more impact resistant.  


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