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RJG Introduces Low-Cost Part Design Analysis

New service provides quick and affordable analysis early in the design phase.


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RJG Inc., Traverse City, Mich., introduced a new Part Design Analysis service in March. It provides design and product engineers with a low-cost option to quickly analyze how their part design will perform in processing. RJG’s team works together with the customer to make recommendations based on product requirements, such as its intended usage and function. At a cost of $1500, RJG offers design consultation through use of Moldex 3D, Sigmasoft, or Autodesk Moldflow simulation software.This is followed by detailed reports and recommendations and a 1-hr web-meeting consultation.

“Our hope is to offer an affordable solution to help our customer make educated decisions and prevent the need to spend time and money reworking designs,” says Doug Espinoza, RJG’s TZero manager. The idea is to provide value up front before a complete simulation analysis is required. Part Design Analysis is part of RJG’s TZero program, which works with engineering and manufacturing departments to coordinate and optimize the mold-development process.